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We offer a variety of services in many different areas of water quality.

NPDES Permitting

NPDES permit renewals can be complicated and they include the management of a large amount of analytical and toxicological data. Beth can help your facility ease through the permit renewal process by creating and managing a sampling plan, gathering the required information, and assimilating a renewal package to submit to SCDHEC. After the permit is issued, Beth will review the permit for issues that need to be addressed at the facility or with SCDHEC prior to the permit effective date. This review is crucial for your facility and can prevent unexpected compliance issues during the life of the permit.

Site-Specific Metal Limits

Many wastewater treatment facilities are given extremely low final limits for metals such as copper, nickel, or silver. These limits can prove extremely difficult for effluent compliance and can limit pretreatment industrial allowable loads. The USEPA has produced several methods for creating alternate site-specific metal limits which can be significantly higher than limits based on published Water Quality Standards. Beth has over 20 years of experience conducting Water-Effect Ratios and recently completed the first copper Biotic Ligand Study approved in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Laboratory Support

Beth can assist laboratories with creating a Quality Management program and individual method programs that fulfill South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) requirements for certification. She also brings experience in obtaining accreditation with the US Department of Energy, The National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Council (NELAC), and certification in state laboratory programs throughout the United States.

Pretreatment Services

From headworks analysis to assisting industrial users with compliance, Beth can assist with the creation and implementation of industrial pretreatment programs. Some pretreatment services include writing industrial user permits and conducting in-person or webinar training workshops to help industrial users understand their pretreatment permits and comply with reporting requirements.


Beth Thompson is happy to offer her services as the primary consultant of BT Solutions. She is a graduate of the University of South Carolina Honors College where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Science. She began her career in 1991 as a laboratory technician at the Shealy Environmental Services, Inc. toxicity laboratory. Her position quickly grew to include test organism culture system development and the management of special projects.

Beth then transferred to Shealy Consulting, LLC, where she held the positions of Senior Aquatic Toxicologist, Quality Manager, Special Projects Manager, Technical Director and Radiation Safety Officer. She ultimately became the Vice President of Project Development. While at Shealy Consulting, Beth maintained laboratory certifications through the State of South Carolina, NELAC, the U.S. Department of Energy, and many other states. She also obtained and maintained a Radioactive Materials License through SCDHEC.


Beth has performed toxicity testing and Toxicity Identification Evaluations for over 25 years and has helped over 60 facilities develop site-specific metal limits throughout South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. More recently, she learned the process of conducting headworks analysis and assisted facilities in developing and maintaining their industrial pretreatment programs.

In Touch

Beth has served on the NELAC Institute Whole Effluent Toxicity Expert Committee. She currently serves on the WEFTEC Programs Committee for the Watershed Symposium and has been the Water Environment Association of South Carolina Secretary since 2014. She is a member of the South Carolina Water Quality Association.